What is Erdiko?

Erdiko is a micro MVC framework and suite of packages to build lean web apps and APIs. OK, but what does that mean?


Create great packages that we want to use with our projects and that other developers, architects and product managers find useful for their projects.

We want all of our packages to:

  1. Be lean
  2. Be tested
  3. Interoperate with other packages and frameworks
  4. Have a great developer experience


We strive to make our packages work as stand alone libraries that can be used in any php project, across numerous frameworks. Each package should be able to work with and without the erdiko framework. Using the erdiko framework or slim will make the packages easier to integrate, but from the beginning interoperability has been a key concern for us.


Erdiko started in 2012 as a small open source framework with the goal of creating a lightweight set of code can makes working with other php platforms and libraries easier. Back then we called it a mash-up framework ;-)

Today erdiko has grown to a suite of packages that adhere to PSR and other best practices to create useful components that can be used in a wide array of tasks.

The future

Lots of cool ideas in the works, we'll be filling in folks shortly. Contribute to Erdiko and help us shape the future of the project and PHP development as a whole.